A Few Hint of Neon Shades Won’t Hurt

Back in 80s, neon was a huge thing. Neon colors was popular in interior design and nowadays neon style is back! Neon colors popular as Pop Art style but don’t worry, you can also use neon colors for modern-minimalist style. Neon colors are bright, dynamic and attention-grabbing. They also bring a statement to your room since they are utterly bold and powerful. Bring some neon colors into your room is exciting, but you have to watch out because sometimes neon can be harsh and overbearing.

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Feeling Calm in Japanese Style

Japanese interior design inspires the simplistic natural essence found in minimalist architecture and Zen design. Japanese culture is saturated in a love and respect for nature. The best way to maintain a strong connection with the natural world is bring nature into your indoors area.

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Don’t Throw Away Your Old Kitchen Stuff

You have a lot of old stuff at kitchen and that are too old to be used? And you don’t know what to do with it all? There is no reason to throw away all your old stuff, you still have other options. Recycle and repurpose is that kind of great choice. Not only cleaning your kitchen, but you will be able to give new life to all those things and make them more valuable. Collect all the old stuff and let your imagination run wild!

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A Simple Scandinavian Style

Do you bored with modern minimalism style? But if you like simplicity, Scandinavian style will give you a new ambience for your room. A style from northern Europe, Scandinavia is refers to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Scandinavian style is term to represent a design movement since 1950s. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality is the trademark for this style.

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How Important is Pedestrian Area for You?

How important is pedestrian area for you ?

“Pedestrian is a pathway that is generally parallel to the road and is higher than the surface of the pavement to ensure pedestrian safety is concerned.”

Pedestrian  word comes from Greek language, which is derived from the word meaning pedos feet, so that pedestrians can be interpreted as a pathway for people to walk.

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