A Few Hint of Neon Shades Won’t Hurt

Back in 80s, neon was a huge thing. Neon colors was popular in interior design and nowadays neon style is back! Neon colors popular as Pop Art style but don’t worry, you can also use neon colors for modern-minimalist style. Neon colors are bright, dynamic and attention-grabbing. They also bring a statement to your room since they are utterly bold and powerful. Bring some neon colors into your room is exciting, but you have to watch out because sometimes neon can be harsh and overbearing.

For a modern-minimalist style, neon colors works with neutral background, ideally white or another pastel colors. But if you have a dark colored room decoration, you might use neon just as an accent. When used against dark shades, neon stands out in chic and stylish way.

Nowadays some designers use neon colors just to make an accent rather than creating an entire interior in bold neon shades. Sometimes your neon touch doesn’t have to be a moveable item, it can also be a door or wall. But in case you are not experienced in combining some neon colors, it’s better to try bringing some neon colored furniture to your home interior rather than paint walls in neon colors. It will give a focal point too.

If you want using neon for home interior, always remember that neon will create a beautiful impression only when they used in a spread out the room, not the entire of the room. Balance is essentials!

Neon such a great idea to make a chic and fresh home decor. Dare to bring neon colors into your home interior? A few hints of neon shades won’t hurt, it will brighten up your room!