A Simple Scandinavian Style

Do you bored with modern minimalism style? But if you like simplicity, Scandinavian style will give you a new ambience for your room. A style from northern Europe, Scandinavia is refers to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Scandinavian style is term to represent a design movement since 1950s. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality is the trademark for this style.

Start with white color for wall or even your floor, because in this style white is the main color. White will define your space and make your room more bigger and brighter. Cool tones also seen in this style like pale blue or cool grey. This color scheme has almost become the trademark of Scandinavian style.

A long winter season make them need a lot of natural light come inside to their house. A large window is a must. Another important thing for this style is wood material. You can apply it for floor. For the furniture, Scandinavian furniture also use wood material. They always use some wood like mahony, birch or oak. A simple straight line but still artful furniture.

What do you think about this style? Do you want have a space with this style?