How Important is Pedestrian Area for You?

How important is pedestrian area for you ?

“Pedestrian is a pathway that is generally parallel to the road and is higher than the surface of the pavement to ensure pedestrian safety is concerned.”

Pedestrian  word comes from Greek language, which is derived from the word meaning pedos feet, so that pedestrians can be interpreted as a pathway for people to walk.

Pedestrian path should be able to be a good facility that is provided either by the government or private organizations as facilities for pedestrians. The need of pedestrian facilities as a public open space has also increased to the adjustment of lifestyle and standar of living for Indonesian people in general and in particular people at Jakarta.

How do you determine the choice of materials and concept design for floor coverings in the area of highway pavement will be very supportive of making it look more attractive and still adapted to its function. Granito has few options of “rustic tiles” for the pedestrian area (pedestrian walkways), and the photos above are some examples of Granito’s projects that already exist in several provinces in Indonesia.