Ruang Keluarga dengan Gaya Gothic

Gothic living room, why not ? Ruang keluarga adalah salah satu ruang yang menjadi pusat aktivitas dalam sebuah rumah. Kenyaman menjadi salah satu poin penting dalam mendesain sebuah ruang keluarga. Tema Gothic bisa menjadi tema yang unik yang bisa diterapkan dalam mendesain sebuah ruang keluarga.

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Dapur Nyaman untuk Hunian

Area dapur adalah salah satu bagian yang penting dari sebuah hunian. Ada banyak elemen interior yang perlu diperhatikan dalam mewujudkan dapur yang nyaman. Mulai dari pemilihan furniture untuk kitchen set, peralatan memasak hingga pemilihan material yang aman untuk penutup lantai. Dimensi ruangan dapur pun juga menjadi salah satu bahan pertimbangan dalam mendesain.

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Gaya Scandinavian Untuk Kamar Tidur

Gaya interior Scandinavian, saat ini memang sedang naik daun. Salah satu ciri khasnya adalah dalam pemilihan material, warna dan furniture yang memberikan kesan hangat, pada ruangan. Material penutup lantai adalah salah satu komponen interior yang biasanya tidak luput dari perhatian dalam mendesain ruangan dengan gaya Scandinavian. Biasanya banyak dipilih material penutup lantai dengan warna atau motif serat kayu dengan permukaan yang doff.

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Backsplash Kitchen with Granito Mosaics

Did you know about backsplash? Backsplash is a back wall between the countertops and wall cabinets. A kitchen can look finished without backsplash. But at the same time, there’s also an opportunity to use the space to anchor the overall design of the room. You can explore your creativity to create an eye catching backsplash!

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All White Interior

Of all the rooms in a home, dining room always feels the most special space at home. We use it every day where we can gather with family and friends. So it deserves an equally special design. How about all white interior design? By throwing open the doors, this simple all white dining room always feels inviting and calming.

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Stylish Floor Design

Today café is one of favorite place to hang out with friends or work. Café with good design, stylish décor and relaxing ambience that will make paying customers stay longer to enjoy their favorite drink and meal! In creating fun and stylish café, the design must be decorative. There are some very simple ways you can do for making some decorative details. Not only furniture, you can explore some details on the floor!

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Mix and Match Granito Tiles

Living room and dining room is the most popular place in a house to entertain guests and where family come together to end their day, relax after an exhausted day. But, what’s the best interior design to create a comfortable and beautiful living space? Not only a comfy sofa and beautiful rugs, floor design also the most important thing to create the mood and atmosphere in living space.

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We Can Create Customized Mosaic Pattern for You!

Did you know that Granito can create the mosaic from your own design?

Yes, our designers team do that and it’s FREE!

We will give you an example of a customized modular mosaic design that has applied in a morrocan style public bathroom. At this 2 images in this article, it shows how beautiful the customized modular mosaic when you apply to the room with the atmosphere of the other interior details. Our designer, Brigida said, “I really like the concept of morrocan style, and I feel such a honoured to design this public bathroom for a store. I combined Granito’s products such as salsa crystal ivory, salsa crystal black and salsa crystal greystone for the tiles in the mosaic. The black colour from salsa range will pop out automatically and it’s obviously will be the centre attention in this room. Especially for the floor covering, I also used salsa crystal black, the exact same colour with the mosaic pattern. The other interior elements also support the look to be more morrocan style.

At this bathroom, it uses the favourite colours from salsa range. For the floor also use Granito’s product from salsa range, which is salsa crystal black. This 3 colours that can match with many concept of interior design. Even at this morrocan style concept.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit us to get FREE DESIGN!

Who Says Mosaic Tiles Can be Used Only for a House?

Recently, a lot of interior designers or architects have put mosaic tiles into perform in their projects in public space area too. One of good example is using mosaic tiles for the office’s floor plan to create the area more beautiful and have cozy atmosphere.

The reason why we use mosaic tiles for one of the options in the office finishing floor is because it is beautiful, tough, and enduring floor covering material.

“Apart from its very presentable and attractive look, one of examples is to combine the floor plan with different patterns at the “relaxing area” such as lounge area, mini gym area, chilling area, and pantry area which makes the ambience of the area be more dynamic and comfortable (cozy)”, said Zachri, our GTS designer why he decided to use mosaic tiles at the office area.

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