Unique Floor Design will Create a Stunning Space

Floor design is such an important thing for a space, unique floor design will create a stunning space and will create new atmosphere. You may add some decorative details like Granito Mosaic Tile and applied as an accent details.

As we can see on the lobby at Mercure Himana Jimbaran, Bali where’s using Mosaic Tile to create a decorative details. It can be used not only for decorative details, but also as a spot place for people queuing the lift. As the supporting details, the floor was combined with 60×60 cm Mosaic Spotter Candy Floss and 60×60 cm Palazzo Palermo. “Bright color from Palazzo Palermo will make the dark color from Candy Floss stands out as well as make an elegant ambience for the lobby”, said Yansen as the designer.