We Can Create Customized Mosaic Pattern for You!

Did you know that Granito can create the mosaic from your own design?

Yes, our designers team do that and it’s FREE!

We will give you an example of a customized modular mosaic design that has applied in a morrocan style public bathroom. At this 2 images in this article, it shows how beautiful the customized modular mosaic when you apply to the room with the atmosphere of the other interior details. Our designer, Brigida said, “I really like the concept of morrocan style, and I feel such a honoured to design this public bathroom for a store. I combined Granito’s products such as salsa crystal ivory, salsa crystal black and salsa crystal greystone for the tiles in the mosaic. The black colour from salsa range will pop out automatically and it’s obviously will be the centre attention in this room. Especially for the floor covering, I also used salsa crystal black, the exact same colour with the mosaic pattern. The other interior elements also support the look to be more morrocan style.

At this bathroom, it uses the favourite colours from salsa range. For the floor also use Granito’s product from salsa range, which is salsa crystal black. This 3 colours that can match with many concept of interior design. Even at this morrocan style concept.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit us to get FREE DESIGN!