Cosmas Gozali – The Popular Architect from Indonesia


Indonesia should be very proud with this young professional architect, Cosmas D.Widodo, which is already very well experienced and received many awards in most of his works in the field of architecture.

 Arch. Dipl. Ing. , Cosmas Damian Widodo, IAI is a young architect who has experienced for long period time in the world of architecture. He started his career as an architect after graduating from the Technische Universitats Wien, Vienna, Austria in year 1992.

This handsome architect is already generating a lot of work for which he has won numerous awards , including the House Ganesha in Bali which won IAI Award Winning Team in 2002, Origami House (London, 2002) and the Opera House (New York, 2002), which won the Award winning Team ICI in 2005, he opened his own consulting architect named Atelier Cosmas Widodo (ACG) which is engaged in the fields of architecture, interior, and landscape.

A concept by the Promenade de Architektura Cosmas that has adapted from Le Corbusier’s concept but it was delivered with a more modern touch. Characteristic of the architecture of Cosmas is most touching of white colour and bright. Why? The reason is because he wants to maximize the potential of solar light as a source of lights for free as much as possible in the room. “I recommend the use of white as much as possible that can enhance the effects of light”, says architect who has been doing this for 19 years. Beside that, the white color is also a neutral color so it can provide greater opportunities for home owners to be able to put any house furniture without being fear to matching it with the color of the walls.

Beside that, many projects that have been applied with outdoor space, so the yin-yang harmony between exterior and interior space can be achieved in a balanced way. Furthermore he also applied many wide opening windows to the direction of outside the area.

For Cosmas, every architect needs to have a charateristic or a dominant character, but the task of an architect is actually create for others. Thus, it should be enough to give space for the owner, so then the occupants can move easily at the space that they have, because it was already determined or everything was already patented.