Shades of Grey

Don’t you think grey is dull, dingy and cold? You should think again! Grey may be gloomy mood or mysterious but grey is seriously stylish, chic and classic for home décor. It’s a fresh alternative to the neutral palette of brown, beige or taupe. It stands out with bright color and blends elegantly with softer neutral.

Grey is the new must have essential color that’s modern yet timeless and classic. Grey presents itself as the perfect backdrop to any style from classic, modern, contemporary or maybe Scandinavia. And it suits for every room!

There are so many different shades and textures that can really bring grey to interior. You can paint different tones of grey to added depth. Dark grey walls are coupled with grey curtains, medium grey sofa with many shades of grey cushions for the full spectrum of the shade. You can add some warm tone to warm up the atmosphere a lil bit. Don’t be afraid to go all grey!

Grey is really perfect neutral! Lighter and softer shades will create more feminine feel while the darker and heavier shade have a stronger and more masculine effect. And why not make it more dynamic? Paint the grey and paired it with neon color. Surprisingly, it will look vibrant and alive. Proof that grey can be fun!

So, take a chance on grey. No more gloomy and mysterious feeling. Make it gorgeous with grey!