Let’s Explore Google Office Indonesia

Google office is one of working place with unique design. And Google office always get top 10 of the best working place in the world. With the “fun” trademark, Google treat their employees with a comfort and happy working place to make another big ideas.

Google office always have their own style but just because Google was started in America, doesn’t mean Google office Jakarta didn’t add some Indonesian cultural elements in creating this office. In the entrance, the iconic Google logo displayed with batik. And you can see some Indonesian theme mural like wayang and famous places in Indonesia on their wall. They also use some unique name in Indonesian theme, for example “Gudang Rezeki”, “Pangkalan Ojek”, and “Gelora Asmara” for their meeting room.

With fun and playful concept, another things what make this office so homey is lounge with comfy bed and cushions. Another employee’s favorite room is game room. Google provides this room with Xbox game, treadmill and pool table. If they are feel bored, they can take a break or relax for a while and waiting another good idea come.

With their trademark Google office always colorful. For the floor design, Google office was using Mosaic Spotter tile from Granito. Their combine a random pattern Mosaic tiles to make this space more dynamic.