Shabby Chic Style For Your Room

Who doesn’t know about Shabby Chic design? One of interior design from UK in1980 and got the popularity in1990. Shabby Chic’s style is about soft color, floral print, vintage furniture, and another vintage accent. Shabby Chic is another Bohemian or BoHo style. This style suitable for a woman who loves a feminine, soft, chic and romantic room. You can apply Shabby Chic style in your livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. And today lots of café use this style too.

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How to Design With an All White Interior

How to design with an all white interior? Is it possible? Designing a home with an all-white interior can be a tricky task. Pure white lacks any color and has the potential of making a home feel sterile and “hospital-like.” This is magnified in a home that has an abundance of windows with tons of natural light streaming inside. There are ways, however, to balance out an all-white interior to design a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing space.

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Polkadot for Your Interior Decoration

Polkadot for your interior decoration? Why not! Polkadot is a great decorating pattern. It’s not very busy but it can add detail to the wall or an element in the decor. There are many ways of using it in the interior design from wallpaper to tapestries or headboards or curtains or sofas or chairs and rugs.

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5 Ways to Create Good Flow in Your Interior Design


Don’t you love the idea of refreshing your home with new decorating ideas? Giving them a lift as the new year begins and breathing new life into a space. But you can’t always buy new furniture or create an entirely new layout for a room, especially when it’s small. However, there are innumerable ways to refresh the feel of a space with a few key adjustments. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas to create good flow in interiors:

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