Shabby Chic Style For Your Room

Who doesn’t know about Shabby Chic design? One of interior design from UK in1980 and got the popularity in1990. Shabby Chic’s style is about soft color, floral print, vintage furniture, and another vintage accent. Shabby Chic is another Bohemian or BoHo style. This style suitable for a woman who loves a feminine, soft, chic and romantic room. You can apply Shabby Chic style in your livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. And today lots of café use this style too.

In this style, you can explore for furniture and material. Reuse vintage furniture will make this stlye more interesting. In Shabby Chic’s style you need white color as a base color and another soft color like baby pink, antique rose, baby blue, beige, grey and ivory for the accent in this style. And you can apply floral print, vintage lace, or ruffles for the accent.

You can mix and match the color and furniture but still in the concept of Shabby Chic. it’s easy to apply this style to your room. You just need vintage furniture, soft color, and vintage accent to make this style more interesting. Good luck!