Polkadot for Your Interior Decoration

Polkadot for your interior decoration? Why not! Polkadot is a great decorating pattern. It’s not very busy but it can add detail to the wall or an element in the decor. There are many ways of using it in the interior design from wallpaper to tapestries or headboards or curtains or sofas or chairs and rugs.

Choose the scale and color combo of your polkadot print to match your color scheme and overall room design. You can go for a neutral background and colorful dots or a monochrome polkadot print. The dots can be big or small depending on the size of the room. If you want to add a simple print that adds a bit of detail to the decor polkadot is just the right thing for it.

Polkadot can be easily mixed and matched with other patterns and prints especially simple ones like stripes and checkers. This can give a room a nice dynamic. Choose the prints of similar scale and color scheme for a more uniform look and, on the contrary, the prints of different scale and colors will make for a more dynamic look. Use polka dot print to add a splash of color to the decor. Bright polkadots can make for cool retro look. Use it in the bedroom or the kitchen to create a more lively decor. In the living room a bright polkadot sofa can make for an eye catchy focal point.

Whether it’s been on the runway at a fashion show or even as a part of someone’s decor in the interior of their home, polkadots have always been spotted everywhere. And the best part is they aren’t just for kids anymore, yet they can bring a great amount of youthfulness and happiness to clothing and home decor. Whether you decide to wear polka dots or use them to decorate an area of your home’s interior, they will still make your life rather whimsical.

Take a look at some ways of decorating with the polka dot print and take inspiration from the gallery to introduce polka dot into your own interior design.