How to Style Granito Mosaics Tiles

A gorgeous and popping design is all you need to add a unique style into your space. The Granito collection of decorative mosaics are available in a variety of color co-ordinates to complement the entire Granito tile range. Whatever your decoration style, Granito Mosaics suits for every room! And how to style Granito Mosaics into your space? Let’s have a look!


Half Painted Wall

Mixing your all white interior with stripe pattern from Granito Mosaics Coastline Stick will keep the bedroom interesting! Pattern can be bold, but simple pattern will add a personality without overwhelming your space.


Focal Point

Creating a fabulous focal point in a room is a great way to giving your room character and depth. But what’s the best way to do this? Use patterned finish as a bold statement. Some pattern from Granito Mosaics will be a striking focal point for your space!


Backsplash Kitchen

Spotted Granito Mosaics Clampshell Dome as backsplash kitchen! There are many kitchen decoration ideas, but there’s one space that you can explore your creativity is backsplash kitchen. So, don’t let your backsplash look plain and boring. Fill it with something eye catching!


Decorative Details

Floor design also could be a decorative detail for your space! Bright color from Palazzo Palermo will make the dark color from Granito Mosaics Candy Floss stands out as well as make an elegant ambience for the lobby. Not only for decorative details, Our Mosaics also as a spot place for people queuing the lift.


Mix and Match Patterns

Tired with plain or solid colors throughout your space? Why not to try something challenging like mix some patterns? Mix and match Granito Mosaics tiles on your space will add visual interest for your space. And it could be a decorative element!