Attractive Glass Floor Ideas for An Original Interior Decor

Can you guess what’s the extra modern thing you could implement in your home which will make it look unique and original, and not even similarly close like any other home? It’s a glass floor. Yeah, you read right. In the years that went by walking on glass was considered to be extremely dangerous and scary thing to do, but now the new technologies are developing new types of glass, and make it a great feature to use in our interior decors. As soon as you take a look at the photos below you’ll want a glass floor in your home. Take a look at 15 Attractive Glass Floor Ideas For An Original Interior Decor.


With glass floors, or glass ceilings, depends on where is your standing point, you can bring daylight to the darkest parts of your home and turn dark interiors into bright. You can choose between clear or translucent glass, in accordance with your preferences to what do you want to be seen below them. Let the photos here serve you as an inspiration for installing a glass floor in your home! You’re going to love it! Glass floors are always a good idea if you want to refresh your interior decor and give it a completely different look.


This is a very interesting idea because it looks very modern, expensive, unusual and stylish. It is also one of latest trends in architectural and interior designs. Glass floor design open home interiors, bringing the nature inside and allowing to enjoy beautiful views. It creates a sense of lightness and connection with the surroundings or other home interiors. Glass floors can be created in any shape and color, decorated with gorgeous glass tiles or combined with traditional wood flooring materials. Glass floors are ideal for any interior in a house – kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, dining areas, craft rooms or interiors with indoor pools. However, it can become very slippery when it’s wet.


GlassFloor-1Glass floor is exciting contemporary interior design trend that bring fantastic, beautiful and very decorative elements into modern homes. For maintenance, glass floor is waterproof, easy to clean, and does not stain or harbor bacteria. Did you know that glass floor is available in many designs, colors and offer stunning home decorations? With proper ventilation of the area under the glass floor, this space can be used as a terrarium or aquarium, adding an exotic flavor to modern interior design. It is also can create impressive floor design and a wonderful focal point in a modern interior.


Clear glass floor create a sense of lightness and connection with the surroundings or other home interiors. Until a few years back, walking on the glass above something was impossible or seriously scary and dangerous things to do. Then new technology allowed developing of new type of glass. Even though not many people own or want glass floor in their interior design, this can be great feature of ultra modern homes.


Clear glass floor you create can also make your interior design looks fresh and modern, create something interest to the kids, use them as modern focal points or simply to show something amazing below your home like waterfall or ocean, if you’re that lucky to have one. If done right, glass floor can completely change the atmosphere of your home. What do you think of these ideas?