Designing An Outdoor Living Room in A House

“Casual comfort and simple elegance come together in this beautiful outdoor living room. Why not having a nice outdoor living room in a house? That’s what our customer said. So, then I have chosen dark colours for the floor covering because it will be contrast with the other choices in this house which using bright colours. It also fits perfectly with white colour of the wall paint and ceiling finishing. I also decided to use one of our spotter named puzzle bianco as the accent so it will look more dynamic” said Zachri, our GTS designer while designing this living room.


The floor was design with a 30 x 60 cm in lunar zhephyr and spotter puzzle bianco with size 60 x 60 cm. At this living room using rotan sofa with comfy seating and a low coffee table, it is a quiet retreat equally suited for relaxing with a good read or gathering for appetizers with friends. As this living room is located near a small garden of this house.