The Classic Rusty Tiles from Granito

The classic rusty tiles from Granito. Have you heard that we also produce rustic tiles size 60×60 cm? The development from technology is not only at electronic media or gadget, it also affect at interior industry. Nowadays, a lot of interior designers or architects have put rustic floors into perform in their projects. The following trend by using rustic floors especially in homogenous tile have proved that it suitable not only at exterior but also interior.

Granito as a homogenous tile manufacture company has produced new rustic collections such as moscata, grigio, argento, nevica, nuvola and pietra. Rustic tiles that are used at exterior area, for example balcony and carport, other than that because of the safety, it is also important to choose tiles with texturing. Otherwise, the wet tiles may get too slippery and become a hazard.

Recently not only for exterior, rustic tiles also can be used for interior finishing floor plan. The development of design concept has affected very much for the reason why Granito also produce rustic tiles in big size. It is supported by many different interior concept, which example are urban living style, industrial interior, etc. Why it works? One thing is clear, shabby or rustic interior style looks inviting and just perfect. Having rustic floor makes area looks very warm and fashionable.