Reorganizing Your Home Interior for “Idul Fitri”

Counting down to Idul Fitri’s day. Reorganizing your home interior for “Idul Fitri” day will be so great, to show the new atmosphere. Simple and modern style with the use of clean color clean will be a good recommendation to arrange your home interior.

We can redecorate starting from living room and family room. Why? It’s because living room and family room will be the area that has most activities at Idul Fitri day and when you create a new atmosphere also means change the interior ambience in those rooms.

Accesories for Idul Fitri day doesn’t have to be “ketupat decoration”. You can put flowers or any ornament or painting on the wall can be alternative ways to freshen up your home. Fresh flowers at the edge of your kitchen and make a creative greeting “Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri” on the wall or near your kitchen cabinet. Therefore you will get the better feeling when you cook and it will be more fun. If you want to make more merrier, you can change the cushion of the sofa at your living room or family area with unique patterns or different colours that match with the concept. It will definitely make the ceremony more happier and warmer between you and your family and relatives. There is no limit concept. Every owner of a house has different needs. In principle, any interior will be great as long as it has the connection with Idul Fitri day which is back to a clean and pure heart.

Give a try! Don’t forget to have fun with the decoration!