Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Are you looking for new design for your kitchen? And are you considering kitchen flooring materials? Durability is a priority, because kitchen is a high traffic area for daily and prone to spills ranging from water, oils and dishes. We have 4 ideas for your stylish and comfortable kitchen. Let’s find the perfect flooring!

Exposed Concrete

If you looking for contemporary look, concrete is a good idea. Concrete is a durable material and easy to match with any kitchen set. For the finish look concrete can be stained, polished, stenciled or waxed. It will make your kitchen look great.



There’s a great variety of stone flooring available like the most popular marble, travertine and slate. Stone gives your kitchen unique and natural look. But stone flooring requires special protection if some dishes fall down to the floor.



Many people choose tile for their kitchen because it’s easy to clean up, durable and low maintenance solution. Tile has a lot of patterns and textures or you can customize the shape like hexagonal, chevron or another shape.



People used wood for kitchen because it makes their kitchen feels warm and unique. But wood in the kitchen requires special protection from excess moisture and risky from the fire.