How to Style Granito Tiles

How to style Granito tiles? We get that questions alots from our customers. Picking tile can be overwhelming. There are so many sizes and shapes, not to mention colors and patterns! Plus, many of the best looks mix and match which adds even more layers of decisions to make. Granito tiles has actually been in used for over 15 years, we produce high quality homogenous tile.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most common uses for tile, whether on the wall or the floor. But there are other places you can use this material, such as around living room, foyer, bedroom, balcony or in the garage. Tile is appropriate for any area where water damage is a concern. Tile also is common on entry floors – consider making a statement by tiling up the entry walls as well!

There are several steps to the tiling process, depending on whether the homeowner is tiling a floor or a wall, and each requires use of specific tools. Home renovation planning is fun! The homeowner gets to pick out the colors and textures of tile that bring new life to a home. Prepping the tiling surface is probably one of the most important things a homeowner does to get ready to lay tile. Tiles must sit on a smooth, rigid, flat and clean surface. We love a variety of different syles – for example in Granito tiles, it is starting with a simple salsa crystal pearl white and getting more colorful from there.

Where else do you need tile? In the bathroom of course. Because it’s a small space, don’t be afraid to be bold. Dark colors actually work quite well in tile because the glossy surface bounces light more than a matte paint. Plus, often the tub and sink provide a contrast white. You can use tile, as this bathroom does, over the entire wall surface, or only in the shower. Tile is expensive, so limiting the area can help with cost savings, while running tile all the way to the ceiling can make a space seem taller.