Green Living Room

Living room is an important area in a house. Living room is usually the largest area of the house and space where we receive guests and spend time with family during the day. A simple and great way of creating a fresh interior design is by using the green color. Let’s take a look at some tips that can teach us how to use the green color in the living room!

Green is the most relaxing color, it can relaxing our mind and physically. Green also can bringing good mood, balance, meditation, pleasant and calm. Green color is a great color for your living room. It will give your living room a fresh touch.

There are lots of different green out there, lime, olive, mint, pistachio, emerald, etc. it’s so vibrant and fresh but it’s also strong color so try not to exaggerate. If you want to create a modern feel for your living room, then you should focus on the furniture. For example if you choose a green sofa, this one will become a focal point on your living room and give a modern fresh look.

You can use a softer tone of green for the wall or you can use white color as a base and green color for the decoration. And you can also create beautiful color contrast by combining tones such as orange, yellow, beige, brown or grey and include them in the decorative cushion cover, drapes, wall, carpet, etc. Green living room design will also stylish and chic.

Let’s make your living room more fresh and relax with green colors!