Explore Granito Tiles at “GRANITO TILE STUDIO”!


Explore Granito tiles at GRANITO TILE STUDIO! Either you are renovating your house? Or building your house? Or you are an architect or interior designer? Or you are a contractor? Or you are an university student majoring in interior design or architecture?

Granito Tile Studio (GTS) was designed as a comfortable place for designers, architects, or anyone else who loves design. Located in Jakarta and Surabaya, it accomodates architects or designers to meet their clients and have discussion or free consultation about tile and design. It is also a public room for exhibition, presentation, meeting, training, or some other activities. It’s free for designer or architect or other related community to use our studio. Please feel free to contact us for reservation.

Visit Granito studio where you can see our sample tiles and feel the difference. We also have designer team who will accompany you while you are visiting and you can do free consultation and even FREE DESIGN! How does it work? It’s very easy, you just need to bring soft copy of your house layout or for any building that you will request for and you will apply Granito tiles on it.

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We are located at :

ALIA BUILDING, at 3rd Floor, M.I Ridwan Rais Street 10-18

Gambir, Central Jakarta 10110, Indonesia