DIY Headboard For Your Bedroom

Headboard is one of element who can make your bedroom more interesting. You will feel more cozy if there’s a headboard behind your bed, but lots of bed with headboard is expensive. But don’t worry about it, you can make your own headboard with affordable price and you can do it by yourself.

If you make it your own headboard, you can explore your creativity and you can match it with your bedroom’s style.

Here’s the ideas for DIY headboard :

1. Painted Headboard

If you have a small space on your bedroom, you can applying this idea to your room. Painted the wall as a headboard and you will get a new touch of your bedroom.

2. Framed Wallpaper

Maybe you think applying wallpaper all over your bedroom’s wall is too much, you can applying it as a headboard. You just need cover a part of the wall and border it with a frame.

3. Big Mirror

You can applying a mirror on a side of your wall as a headboard. This idea will make you bedroom feels more larger.

4. Reuse Palette

If you like Shabby Chic or rustic style, you can use palette as a headboard. And you can paint anything that you want or you can give some ruffles and laces on the palette to make your headboard more vintage.

5. A Large Artwork

This idea is the easiest way to make your own headboard. You only need a big artwork and put it above your bed. And now your headboard is a focal point on your bedroom.


There’s the ideas to make your own headboard more interesting. You can pick one of the idea and match it with your bedroom. If you change the headboard, you will feel a different thing on your bedroom. Let’s explore your creativity! Good luck!