Decorate Your Master Wall

Your master wall defines the whole mood of your room. But are you bored with plain wall or ordinary wallpaper? If you don’t have a budget to buy fancy thing for decorate your master wall, there’s 5 easy ways of decorating your master wall. It will change the whole look of your room.

  • Postcard

Just put the postcards from all over the world and it makes your wall very colorful. You can make the postcard as your bucket list and it will remind you that another country is waiting to be explored.

  • Doodled Wall

You love doodling on paper? Sometimes you have to do a new thing, go doodling on the wall! You will have an amazing artwork and a signature wall on your room.

  • Personalized Quote

Do you have favorite quote? Just write your favorite quotes on a plain wall using tape and paint the whole wall with your favorite color, after that peel the tape off. Now you can read your favorite quotes all the time on your wall.

  • Wall Stickers

This is the easiest way to decorate your plain wall. Go buy any wall sticker and match the design with your room. And then just stick them on plain wall and you will have a chic master wall.

  • Peel it off

There’s easy way to make a stripe pattern wall. Just put the tape and paint over it, after that you peel the tape off and done! Now you have striking and impressive stripe pattern on your master wall.

Ready to make your master wall look more stunning? Happy decorating!