Colorful Space with Pop Art Style

Are you a fan of the Pop Art movement? Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Britain and in late 1950s in United States. As we know, Pop Art is bold and colorful interior style. Game of contrast and textures are welcome in Pop Art style. So if you like a dynamic and colorful ambience, you should choose this Pop Art style for your home décor!

This style is so dynamic and energetic, it’s beyond the rules and strikes us with its individuality. A super vibrant and youthful décor style will surely help you to create an interesting ambience into your space. In this style, you can use some different colors in furniture together with some prints and patterns. But you need to watch out, use some neutral color to balance them out.

And don’t forget put some Marilyn Monroe’s art works to make it perfect! Enjoy!