5 Finishing Bathroom Ideas

We’re all used a simple tile design in our bathroom. Square and white, such a bored and old things. Instead, there are a lot of interesting ways to make your bathroom more gorgeous. Let’s have a look.

1. Hexagonal tile

Hexagon tiles have the ability to create a simple and vintage style for your bathroom. It’s perfect for small bathroom as they add a delicacy and girlish charm without too much fuss.

2. Charcoal tone

If you like a classy and masculine style, add classic tile in charcoal tone to your bathroom. You can apply it as a shower backdrop or closet.

3. Stone

If you are looking for a natural and modern style, you can apply stone for your bathroom. And it creates a refreshing look too.

4. Laminate

You can use laminate wood flooring inside your bathroom. It brings a homey, coziness into the space while still look refreshed and versatile.

5. Mosaic

A gorgeous and popping design is all you need to add an unique style to your master bathroom or even inside the guest bathroom. A delicate design can really make a surprising difference. If you use a mosaic tile, it will brings you to moroccan style.