How Important is Pedestrian Area for You?

How important is pedestrian area for you ?

“Pedestrian is a pathway that is generally parallel to the road and is higher than the surface of the pavement to ensure pedestrian safety is concerned.”

Pedestrian  word comes from Greek language, which is derived from the word meaning pedos feet, so that pedestrians can be interpreted as a pathway for people to walk.

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Who Says Mosaic Tiles Can be Used Only for a House?

Recently, a lot of interior designers or architects have put mosaic tiles into perform in their projects in public space area too. One of good example is using mosaic tiles for the office’s floor plan to create the area more beautiful and have cozy atmosphere.

The reason why we use mosaic tiles for one of the options in the office finishing floor is because it is beautiful, tough, and enduring floor covering material.

“Apart from its very presentable and attractive look, one of examples is to combine the floor plan with different patterns at the “relaxing area” such as lounge area, mini gym area, chilling area, and pantry area which makes the ambience of the area be more dynamic and comfortable (cozy)”, said Zachri, our GTS designer why he decided to use mosaic tiles at the office area.

Amazing DIY Wall Art Ideas

There is another great way of decorating your blind walls. 3D wall art! You can make very interesting things by yourself. Just be creative and make your free time be fun! Some examples, such as hang on an old frame and put flowers in it, it will look very chic. Also you can make 3D butterflies out of colourful papers. It is a great idea to glue book pages on your wall. We present you 10 amazing DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D wall art ideas.

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How Paris will amaze you!

PARIS! When you hear a name of this amazing city, there are many words that you can describe of it. People say this city of love will always surprise you. How? With the beauty of architectural and interior buildings, the unique habit of Parisian (that’s how they call themselves for people who live at Paris), the delicious foods, the smell of lovely flowers everywhere, and of course interesting places to see at Paris! Paris is very busy and crowded, that’s very true! Paris can turn out to be the best “school of life” that you can enroll in.

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The 2015 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Every year, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, featuring massive ice and snow sculptures. At night, the sculptures are colorfully illuminated and visitors can climb and play on some of the structures.

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How to Define “Urban Style” in Our Everyday Lives?

Have you recognised how big is the influence of “urban style” trend in our everyday lives? At commercial places like restaurant, shopping malls, cafes, and others. Not forgetting how it also affects at interior design of a house. Urban interior design can exist anywhere, not just in cities. Weathered brick walls and exposed ceilings scream urban design, but if your place doesn’t come equipped with those, stainless steel is another easy way to get the same sleek, downtown vibe. Plus, you can find it pretty much anywhere.

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Gathering Granito

Granito and INKINDO D.I.Yogyakarta made an event at Grand Aston Hotel, Yogyakarta for consultant and contractor. Whenever we hear about Yogyakarta, what will cross in your mind is a ‘city of students’ that has variety of attractive tourism objects. The architecture  or interior design of buildings in Yogyakarta also very interesting and unique.

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Free Design Services

Creating a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere in your house can be a formidable task in itself. Granito Customer Care & Design Team will help design your house floor using our free design services. By only bringing a simple blueprint of your residence, our professional design team will provide you with several flooring design alternatives utilizing Granito tiles.


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