10 Mengagumkan Cara Untuk Berikan New Life Untuk Old Furniture


A surefire way to spruce up old furniture is a new layer of paint and reupholstery. This tutorial from Granito Tiles shows you how. Follow the steps to see how easy it is to see an excellent result for your efforts.

A gold diamond painted feature and new handle detailing makes an average dresser a lot dressier – and definitely more sophisticated. Add a mirror top for a truly luxe tabletop – the perfect place to showcase small treasures and reflect your dazzling talent!

Transform an old chair into something much more exciting by choosing a new, more lively paint colour to liven up your decor. Even old style furniture looks cool again when a modern colour is applied. And paint is easy to change – so when home fashions change, you can change those key pieces of furniture by a new lick of vivid yellow, pistachio green or neon orange.

Apakah Anda mulai dengan sebuah toko barang bekas menemukan atau sesuatu yang Anda telah tergeletak di sekitar selama bertahun-tahun, ada kemungkinan makeover terbatas. Give new life to old furniture. Tambah cantik, personalized touches to your old furniture with easy, budget-friendly renovating ideas that you can do in just a few hours. It’s the modern way to recycle – making what’s old, new again!