PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito showcases the technology and “know how” that created one of the world’s best performing homogenous floor and wall tiles under license from Australian Building Ceramics Pty Ltd.

PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito was established in 1995 by DBC Group, a local group well known in the building products industry. Operators of several brand leaders, the group has invested substantially in Granito’s success.


Granito™ tiles feature in some of the region’s most prestigious developments. From Mass Transit railway stations in Hong Kong to shopping malls in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta, to prestigious SAAB, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes car showrooms. From the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics to international airports, Granito is a brand sought after by the world’s best architects and builders.


Combining Australian expertise with Indonesian raw materials and manufacturing capabilities, PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito has produced a premium homogenous ceramic product suitable for the growing Indonesian and Asian markets.


The “state of the art” manufacturing plant located in Bekasi, Indonesia has been established by the same ceramic technician who had created Granito™ in Australia, in partnership with Indonesian sales and management teams. The facility has been built using the latest advances in technology and expertise from as far afield as Italy and of course, Australia. The production team has been trained both in Indonesia and Australia to ensure the quality of all Granito tiles produced meet International and Australian Standards.


The Indonesian Granito™ tile range offers specifiers extensive colours across three finishes and surfaces treatments and is particularly well known for its premium quality polished tile ranges. Spanning residential, commercial and industrial applications, Granito™ provides architects an extensive selection of hard wearing, homogenous ceramics tiles for any projects and all conditions. The Granito range is supported by accessory steptreads, cove tiles and decorative tessellations and mosaics.


The outstanding quality of the Indonesia product has resulted in Australian Building Ceramics being awarded ISO9002 accreditation for polished tile for the Granito Tile range.

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