Granito Tile Studio (GTS) was designed as a comfortable place for designers, architects, or anyone else who loves design. Located in a building material center in Jakarta and Surabaya, it accomodates architects or designers to meet their clients and have discussion or free consultation about tile and design.


The first floor displays Granito panels, inspiring every visitors with creative combination of colour, texture, pattern, and size. Warm ambience at first floor will make you eager to know what’s up on the next floor. On the second floor, you can meet our designers and get free consultation and professional tile design services. A comfortable room with nice instrumental music and warm lighting make you feel GTS as your home. Third floor is a public room for exhibition, presentation, meeting, training, or some other activities. It’s free for designer or architect or other related community to use this multifunction room. Please feel free to contact us for reservation.


Visit GTS and feel the difference.

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