Ensure your Granito tiles looks as spectacular tomorrow as they do today!

    • Here are a few preventive measures to be taken before and after installation:


      1. Avoid the use of markers to make a mark on tile surfaces, especially on polished tiles.
      2. Cover and protect the tile surface when other construction work is taking place to avoid paint spillage and other industrial wastage.
      3. Avoid placing wet objects on top of Granito tiles in long periods of time because they can leave stain deposits that will be difficult to clean [e.g. damp wood, flower pot].


    • The sooner cleaning is done, the easier it is for stains to be removed


    • Whichever cleaning method is chosen, keep in mind the following 3 things:


      1. Do an initial test on a small area.
      2. Rinse completely with clean water afterwards.
      3. Avoid using cleaning solutions in high volume and concentration for prolonged periods of time.


    • Replace the water used in cleaning a large area several times during the process [e.g. malls, lobbies].


    • It is not recommended to use cleaners in powder form, because the undiluted particles can form deposits that will cover the surface of the tile.


    • Do not use wire brushes because they can leave iron particles on the tile surface that would rust and develop brown stains.


    • In cleaning the slip-resistive Granito tiles [Rondel and Optima] a more frequent cleaning method utilizing a brush is highly recommended.


    • Always follow the instructions (i.e. suitability and frequency of application) from the manufacturers of any cleaning solution that you are using. This recommendation is written and published only as a general guideline and does not claim to be final and authoritative regarding the discussed topics. As with other flooring products, the surface of Granito tiles could absorb dirt and stains; there is no floor surface that is 100% stain-resistant. We are not responsible for the performance of or damages caused by any cleaning products, due to the fact that their quality and application are beyond the control of PT. Granitoguna Building Ceramics.