FENG SHUI – The Use Of Color

Color can change the perception of our home. It can appear to change the size, either to make smaller or larger, the shape and feel of a room. It can also brighten, excite and stimulate a room. Even a room that once appeared dull and lifeless can be dramatically changed to exciting and uplifting. Whether we realize it or not, color can affect our mood, appetite, sleep and many other areas. So it is important to create a balanced space.

The five primary colors of feng shui; green, red, white, yellow and black are connected to the five elements. Colors we choose affect the feel of our atomsphere. Dark colors create a cool and peaceful place, while really bright colors will enliven a space.

To clarify more on the use of colors, here is a list of the different colors and what feelings they may bring into the home:

— Green: This color represents the east and wood element. It is associated with healing, wisdom, growth, creativity, anger and fertility. Green is calming and soothing. Bringing too much of this color in the home can have a bad effect. So use this color in moderation.

— Red: The south and fire dominate this color. Red possesses heat, laughter, good luck, light and passion. This color can be used in power and authority. It can also be used to aquire leadership, speed, confidence and personal power. Red is the color used quite frequently in festivals for joy and happiness.

— Yellow: The center and earth are associated with this color. Yellow attracts trustworthiness, fame, advancement, loyalty and cheerfulness. It represents long life and immortality. The royal flower of yellow is the chrysanthemum.

— White: Represents the west and metal element. It is associated with purity, order, death and letting go. White flags are for surrendering. White carries all the colors within it. In Chinese, white is used for funerals and in time of mourning.

— Black: This color represents the north and water. It represents water. Black is also known for death. It is associated with continuity, meditation and peacefulness.

When adding or changing color of a space try to create a balance of colors and know what each color will bring to the overall effect of the room. The use of color is one of the best and easiest ways to change the vibration in a space.